R. Paul Sardanas is the author of twenty books of poetry and prose, including the five
volume poetic cycle
The Empyrean, illustrated with his own oil paintings. He is a ten-
time nominee for the Rhysling Award, which recognizes the best speculative poetry of
the year. His historical works include the books
Mythology: Figures of Divine Sun
and Monstrous Twilight, Ferrum
and Dark of the Sun, which explore Greek and
Roman society, myth and culture. His erotic writings have appeared in an extensive
Samarel Artcore Fantasy online collection, and his poem
Succubus was displayed
alongside the work of award-winning photographer Lochai at the Miami World Erotic
Museum’s 2008 exhibition. He is the editor of the online and printed philanthropic
Nox: Dark Poets Against Abuse, which benefits women and children
seeking safe haven from environments of domestic violence. His latest project is a
series of occult erotic novels from Passion in Print Press, the first two entitled:
Order of the Golden Rose,
and The Blood Jaguar. A third novel in the series, The
Unbound Goddess
, is in development. In October 2010 a collection of his sensual
Touch in the Bed of Light, was released by award-winning Gromagon Press.
His novel of ancient Rome,
The Festival of Seven Nights' Passion, is also available
from Gromagon Press. In 2011
Torera (co-written with Tisha Garcia), a novel
exploring the life of a woman bullfighter in 1950's and 1960's Spain, was published by
PIP Press, and the Sardanas/Garcia byline appears again in
Beneath an Elegant
, an erotic story based loosely on the Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter, also
published in 2011. A collection of poetry on the spirituality of love and sex, called
Eros - The Divinity of Passion, was released in Spring 2011, with lush full color
paintings by erotic artist Samarel. His latest book of poetry,
Othello Falling, was
published in late 2011, and is a benefit book, for the support of Community Action
Stops Abuse. It will be followed in 2012 with a second Shakespeare-themed benefit
Hamlet: Poem Unlimited.

R. Paul welcomes contact and comment about his works. He can be reached at:


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