Chasing Desdemona  
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In the fall of 2011, Jaeda DeWalt and I performed
in an online benefit production of "Othello Falling"
-- a new adaptation of the classic Shakespeare
play, transformed to a two-person spoken word
format. The themes of the play were uniquely
suited to the goal of Shakespeare Online Against
Abuse, which is to enlighten and entertain visitors
with productions that offer insight into the issue of
abuse in our society.

Jaeda was incredibly generous in her gift of time
and talent, making the "Othello Falling" benefit a
great success. A book of our script was published
in late 2011, and all proceeds from its sale were
donated to Community Action Stops Abuse
(CASA), a safe haven organization  that supports
women and children striving to free themselves
from abusive environments.

In 2012, as I continued with the Shakespeare
Online Against Abuse effort through adaptations
of Hamlet and Titus Andronicus, I also
approached Jaeda again, this time with the
concept of returning to the character of
Desdemona, but through the medium by which she
makes her living: photographic visionary
storytelling. I proposed the creation of a single
image of Desdemona that we could present in the
SOAA gallery, which she could then sell to her
many fans and supporters with part of the
proceeds to be donated to CASA.

Little did I realize that my proposal would be like
opening a window wide and inviting the summer
sun to shine a single ray of light though it. Instead
of that brilliant single shaft, a flood of light poured
Across the months that followed Jaeda unleashed her incomparable creativity into the crafting of a series of images
exploring all aspects of Desdemona...her emotions, her spirit...her tragedy, and ultimately the breathtaking vision of her
strength. I watched in astonishment, absolutely honored to see the unfolding of a work of this much power and depth.

All of the images presented in this gallery are available from Jaeda as prints and posters
HERE, and a book collection
of "Chasing Desdemona" is scheduled to be published later in 2012. Twenty percent of all proceeds from sales will be
donated to Community Action Stops Abuse.

Thank you to Cliff B., for his powerful portrayal of the Moor of Venice.

And so with deepest gratitude, Shakespeare Online Against Abuse presents a work of unparalleled beauty: Jaeda
DeWalt's "Chasing Desdemona".

~ R. Paul Sardanas, June 2012

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