The Festival of Seven Nights' Passion
A Novel of Ancient Rome
R. Paul Sardanas

“Well,” said Clodia, “now we will rip away some of that illusion of gentility and

Clodia Pulchra Metelli. One of the most noted and notorious women of the ancient
world; she did indeed rip deeply into the fabric of Roman life, leaving blood and
mystery in her wake. Did she really have a passionate affair with the poet
Catullus? Did she poison her husband? Did her family harbor secrets that would
shock even the jaded citizenry of Rome ?

The Festival of Seven Nights’ Passion, a novel set at the end of the Republican
Era in Rome , all of these questions are answered. Over the seven nights of the
Roman winter festival of Saturnalia, Clodia comes to cutting-edge life as a figure
of intelligence and perception, striving to find balance in a world that had little
tolerance for women of powerful conviction and ability. As each night of Saturnalia
passes, deeper layers of Clodia’s mind and life are opened: anger and intense
eroticism in a garden-house tryst with Catullus; terrible memory as she travels
from her great house on the Palatine Hill to the dirt streets and crumbling
tenements of the Subura, where obscene graffiti literally shouts her name. Dark
humor as she mingles with other nobility at a party that only wears the mask of
genteel culture; the smells and danger of the slums as she acquires herbs that
may or may not be poison. In the end, on the festival’s last day, dressed in black,
her face wearing the ritual bloody scratches of a widow, she reads words on a
wax tablet that will haunt her for the rest of her life.   
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Nights' Passion", by R. Paul Sardanas
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