In the shimmering dream, she is faceless
or her eyes are covered, denying me
entry into her soul.
Through the melting curtains of desire,
the hunger in those visions
is muted
because above all things,
passion is born from the glance of secret heat
which flashes from pupils ringed in fire;
from a dream-form,
restored from the place
where identity is forgotten.
Above all things,
above the curve of your legs
as they beckon to receive me,
above the liquid gold that is your sweat,
I wish for the masque to fall away.
So that in the aftermath of our love,
with its cooling of the violence of want,
we will find, beyond all dream,
the touch of tenderness
in our gaze, shared and naked.
Knowing one another at last, without disguise.
Poetry Copyright R. Paul Sardanas 2011
Artwork Copyright Samarel 2011
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