No Sin Worth Doing

She lay on the floor
her closed eyes
relaxed body
giving the illusion
of sleepy contentment
sexual fulfillment
It was
in actuality
a state of
which she was considering
familiar sensation
that it was
Just another excursion
into the strangling banality
of most souls
An end
to the short period
of mystery
that the earliest stage
of acquaintance
Once penetrated
she should hardly be surprised
that most lovers bored her
Through slivered eyes
she looked at the man
lying naked
back turned
close to her there
on the floor
Handsome enough
intelligent enough
more or less doting
undoubtedly could be counted on
to make her breakfast
in the morning
The sweat having cooled
on her body
she closed her eyes again
then opened wide
and rose
leaving the room
bare feet
circumventing smoothly
the litter
of discarded clothes
She went to her study
closed the door
and sat there
running fingers
through tangled hair
alternately mordant
and amused
Gems buried in the earth
What had Joyce called them?
fiery stones
ripped from the brows
of angels
as they fell from heaven
a long time past
she had looked at people
with that image
in her mind
There were jewels
of emotion and intellect
buried in each center
All that would be required
would be the pleasure of contact
the wielding of insight
to share any
in their heat and brilliance
Ah, instead
one after another
they were empty things
in petty pain
useless confusion
and quickly transparent
Idiot angels
whatever gems
that might have crowned them
dragged off
in slow, daily fall
by the simple weight of the earth
as they sank
through its hard layers
She sighed
pressed her palms
against the hard edge
of the desk
and for a moment
thought of going back out
waking him
by pulling his head
up from the floor
kissing him
biting his lips
till he gasped
Pushing his tongue
into his mouth
so he couldn't speak
She got up
but not to go back
She went into the kitchen
feeling hungry

Poem copyright R. Paul Sardanas
Artwork copyright Samarel  -

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