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To all who have followed this production,
my deepest thanks. Most of all, my
gratitude to the amazing Jaeda DeWalt,
who generously donated fifteen weeks of
her precious creative time to this effort.
Jaeda, you brought Desdemona to
unforgettable life; your performance, at
moments fiery, at others touching beyond
words, has brought nothing less than
grace and beauty, strength and soul to
this project.

To the friends who have advised and
supported me in the creation of "Othello
Falling", you are treasures beyond even
the pearl that the Moor held in his grasp
so briefly.

Most importantly, I hope that we have
brought illumination to the dark and painful
issue of abuse in our society. As caring
and aware people, we can never allow
ourselves to forget that there are those
around us who are not safe; who live in
fear or pain. May we always work together
toward a world where such hurt only
happens in tales.

R. Paul Sardanas
November, 2011