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Reading the part of Desdemona:

Jaeda DeWalt is a spoken word poet and
self-taught photographic artist. Her art explores her
internal landscapes, wherein, she explores;
survivor issues, spirituality and sexuality. Much of
her work is comprised of intimate self-portraits. Her
intent with her creations is to be a part of the
connecting thread in the universal fabric we share.
It is her hope that her images and words will heal,
inspire and bring the deepest darkest issues we
share as human beings, to the surface of
consciousness. More about this artist can be
discovered here:

Reading the part of Othello:

R. Paul Sardanas has been an activist in the arts for
over thirty years. The author of twenty books of poetry
and prose, he is a nine-time nominee for the Rhysling
Award, which recognizes excellence in speculative
poetry. He has collaborated with many fellow writers and
artists in his efforts to illuminate the issue of abuse in
our society; in 2006, he organized Poets Against
Abuse, and gathered an international group of poets to
appear in an online and printed anthology to benefit
women and children working to free themselves from
abusive relationships and environments.
Othello Falling
continues that effort. To learn more about Poets Against
Abuse, please visit their web gallery: