Spirit of hunger, shadow of need,
hovering in the place
where dream and body meet;
lips opening in the faintest,
trembling arc of scarlet.
In the empty lanes of night,
comes deepest longing;
an approach as subtle as breath,
to feel and taste
life pulled from the breast
of a lover on the boundary of waking.
That is the succubus;
the soul’s devouring mirror,
whose lips offer a hint of grey fire,
curling out in a kiss that cuts deeper
than the keenest blade.
Silent, silent,
no words are needed,
when it is a key
within and beyond flesh
that is being turned.
Eyes closed in rapture,
they know that this moment
may be frozen in bonds
as intangible as smoke made solid,
as rich as breathing out,
and drawing in a lover’s warmth
by a thread
woven from mouth to mouth.
His hands will seek her body;
her tongue will follow the smoke’s path,
to banish emptiness
in the embrace of perfect desire.


Poem copyright R. Paul Sardanas
Photograph copyright Lochai -
Models: Janice and Priapus

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